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Snapchat users watch ten billion videos every day

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Facebook isn’t the only emerging video-sharing behemoth that YouTube needs to be wary of, according to a report from Bloomberg on Thursday. The report, which Snapchat has confirmed to be accurate, says that Snapchat users watch about ten billion videos through the app every day, which is two billion more than what Bloomberg reported back in February. It’s hard to say how that number compares to Facebook and YouTube’s daily views, due to how secretive the two are when it comes to that kind of stuff, but it’s safe to say that Snapchat has become a major player in the video-sharing market.

Snapchat is an app that keeps its users interested, consistently releasing new features and improvements that keep it relevant and entertaining. It comes as no surprise then that users watch a collective 10 billion videos a day on the app, Bloomberg reported Thursday and Snapchat confirmed. Bloomberg similarly reported numbers in February stemming from a meeting with investors, saying Snapchat videos reach 8 billion every day. That’s a rapid increase in a short amount of time, and falls in line with recent polls showing Snapchat as the most popular app among teens. Due to lack of consistent openness about this kind of information, it’s hard to tell how Snapchat stacks up against similar services like Facebook or YouTube. YouTube says it gets “billions of views” every day, while Facebook’s most recent number from 2015 is 8 billion daily video views, TechCrunch reported. Video is certainly becoming one of the main ways people are sharing information and communicating with each other on the Internet and through apps, and Snapchat is managing a steady climb in that market share by introducing new features without bogging down the base intent of the app: sharing temporary photos and videos.

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