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Skullcandy has partnered with 343 to make Halo-branded accessories

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Skullcandy and Astro Gaming announced today that they have reached an agreement with Microsoft and 343 Industries to make Halo-branded headsets and accessories for the next several years. The multi-year deal should see Halo headsets, speaker tags, and other products under both brands. Astro typically releases high-end, more expensive products, while Skullcandy is a little more wallet-friendly. Unfortunately, there’s no word on specific new products, although the mention of speaker tags means A30 and A40 owners should be able to buy Halo universe or Halo 5-specific tags at some point next year.

In the Halo games, turning on skulls will change certain aspects of the game. For example, Grunt Birthday Party makes alien heads explode with confetti. Hopefully that won’t happen to you when you turn on a different kind of Halo skull – as in, a Halo-branded headset from audio manufacturer Skullcandy – but we make no promises. 343 Industries, Microsoft and Skullcandy announced this week that the companies have partnered together for a multi-year deal that will result in new Halo-themed gear, including headsets and speaker tags. The deal also encompasses ASTRO Gaming, a division of Skullcandy. Unfortunately, exactly what these products will look like, what they’ll do, how much they’ll cost and when they’ll be available are as of yet unknown. Considering Master Chief’s penchant for stumbling across forbidden information, maybe we’ll find out soon.

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Brian Molidor Brian Molidor is Editor at Social News Watch. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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