Our Services


We teach and assist with basic computer functions: Typing, Microsoft Office, using the Internet (emails, Facebook, online searches). Using online accounts: Creating an account and restoring one, installments/ installments of programs, protections from scams againsts seniors, and much more!


We guide you in understanding how to use the mobile phone (all devices supported): WhatsApp, camera, contacts, etc.


We care about the older population. If you couldn't find assistance to your problem, contact us. ​

How & How The Service Is Provided

In meeting

At our office; at the customer's home; or at public/private institutions (such as workshops in community centers, elderly homes, etc.)


Virtual/online support online

  • Over the phone
  • Via online chat/Remove access
  • Frontal: At our office or at the customer’s location (pre-arranged, in supported locations only)

Institutions We've Worked With