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Samsung’s Tizen-powered smartwatches have thousands of apps

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Samsung managed to beat both Google and Apple to the punch with a a smartwatch operating system of its own, and while the Gear lineup hasn’t been a huge success it definitely gave the company a head start over the competition. Now almost a year after the original Galaxy Gear was announced, Samsung says it offers thousands of different smartwatch apps. The company’s Tizen-powered lineup may not offer the same baked-in Google services you get with Android Wear, but it’s hard to argue with pure quantity. After all, one of our biggest complaints when it comes to Google’s wearable OS is that it doesn’t do enough. Samsung may offer more apps, but does that necessarily mean you can do more with a Tizen smartwatch?

How do you convince people that your platform isn’t a burning one? Why, claim that you have over a thousand apps raring to leap at you, that’s how! That might be the thinking behind Samsung’s latest infographic which celebrates 1,000 apps available for its Tizen-powered wearables, but we really do have to wonder how much of that is true. As we know from any app store, like in Android, raw numbers don’t exactly prove quality. At the very least, it does imply how easy it is to write apps for it, even if they be terrible ones. Still, Samsung gives examples of some of the apps you might want on your Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Galaxy Gear (once it has been updated to Tizen forever). 22 to be exact. 22 out of 1,000. Encouraging numbers indeed. There’s your usual fitness apps like Runtastic and Endomondo. For social networking and a touch of productivity, you’ve got EasilyDo and, amusingly, a Baby Sitting baby monitoring app. To keep you from getting bored, Deezer and some games can keep your wrist company. Travel Translator lets you do what your smartphone can, without having to bring out your smartphone, of course. And then there’s Drink Water that reminds you to take in that life essential fluid, but you’ll have to remind yourself to actually note it down on your smartwatch.

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Michio Hasai Michio Hasai is a social strategist and car guy. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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