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A new Tizen-powered phone has been approved by the FCC

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Tizen hasn’t exactly risen to challenge Android in any meaningful way, it hasn’t even been able to beat out Windows Phone as the third most-popular mobile operating system, but Samsung is far from finished with it. The successor to the mildly successful Samsung Z1 was recently approved by the FCC, which means there’s a good chance that we could see it in the United States, but it’ll most likely only be a minor market. Instead, Samsung will probably focus more on developing market with the Samsung Z3, as those have been where Tizen-powered devices have been the most successful.

The Z3, which is micromanaged by Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, was recently approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and so it is likely to roll out soon. According to industry sources on Sept. 9, the Z3 was recently approved by the FCC. The Tizen operating system (OS), a new OS for smartphones, was developed by the Tizen Association, with Samsung and Intel leading the development efforts, in order to curb the dominance of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The Z3 is the second Tizen-powered smartphone after the Z1. Samsung is intensifying efforts to build a new mobile territory called Tizen, as shown by the fact that Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong is personally examining the performance and features of the phone while using it. With the FCC’s approval, observers say that the Z3 is highly likely to be launched in Oct. at the latest. The industry is placing more weight on the possibility that it will be unveiled at the upcoming Tizen Developer Conference from Sept. 17 to 18 in Shenzhen, China. Some in the industry also raise the possibility that the new Tizen phone will be rolled out with the Gear S2, which is scheduled to be released on early Oct. The new smart watch also features Tizen OS. In that case, Samsung will be able to showcase a new Tizen phone and a new Tizen-powered smart watch at the same time.

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