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Planning model marketplace Anaplan raises $100 million in funding

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It’s a busy week for Anaplan: They open their user conference later today, announced $100M in new funding and introduced Anaplan Hub, a marketplace where customers can share and find pre-designed planning models ready to adapt and use. Company president and CEO, Frederic Laluyaux said you could think of the Hub like an app store for planners, but instead of containing apps or music and movies, The Hub contains pre-defined plans that enable Anaplan users to hit the ground running.

Veteran software executive Frederic Laluyaux knows that his company, Anaplan, just looked to raise a lot of cash in a market that’s taken big chunks out of the valuations leading public tech companies and forced others to slow down their IPOs. “We are seeing an adjustment in the market,” says Laluyaux. “It’s been pretty brutal for these companies who are doing well, it’s not like these guys aren’t selling anymore and there’s no interest in their businesses.” But Anaplan needed money now to pursue its growth, in a Series D round that Laluyaux says will be the last for the company before it moves to profitability and an eventual public offering in a few months. So Anaplan’s the latest tech company to raise a large funding round, a flat $100 million—but under tougher circumstances that its CEO says it was lucky to have the financials and backing to weather.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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