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Microsoft wants to convert Android devices into Windows 10 devices

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Android is the biggest obstacle on the road to mobile dominance for Microsoft, but the company has a way to turn that obstacle into a platform for success. According to recent reports, Microsoft is working on a Windows 10 ROM that will allow users to install the operating system on their Android device, meaning Microsoft can turn existing Android users into Windows 10 users without them having to spend a dime. 

Recent reports have revealed that Microsoft has come up with a clever plan to steal Android users even if they never by Lumia devices by offering them a Windows 10 ROM that can be installed on existing Android hardware. In fact, Microsoft has already announced a first partner for this endeavor, the extremely popular Chinese company that’s been selling devices like hot cakes. But things aren’t as easy for Microsoft as it might seem. Xiaomi earlier this week told BGR that it’s not actively working with Microsoft on bringing Windows 10 to existing Mi-branded handsets. Instead, Microsoft is directly targeting Mi 4 power owners with its Windows 10 initiative and will provide the ROM to users who know how to flash their devices by themselves. The first Mi 4 units running Windows 10 have already been spotted in the wild.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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