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Meizu has confirmed that it’s changing its horrendous logo

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Meizu isn’t a brand name that many in the West will recognize, but it has the potential to be. The Chinese smartphone maker has released a bunch of excellent products this year, which have helped to build up its reputation in the premium market, but there are a few things holding the company back, such as that horrendous logo. Fortunately, rumors popped up not too long ago which suggested that the company would be adopting an infinitely better logo in the near future, and Meizu’s co-founder confirmed as much earlier this week. 

Meizu is one of the fastest growing Chinese smartphone manufacturers with successful devices like the MX4, MX4 Pro, MX5, M1 Note and M2 Note. The company was established in 2003 and expanded to the smartphone business in 2008 then to a global presence today. MEIZU devices are developed based on a philosophy to make products light in weight but having an elegant user experience with wide screen coupled with easy to use user interface and premium sound quality. Their philosophy was evident from the recent releases in the market. Rumor has been going around that this company was planning to change its logo. And now this has been confirmed and Meizu has unveiled its new logo that will be placed on the new line of devices to be released in the near future. The new logo is designed to read MEIZU in English in light blue color with a unique simple stoke font containing smooth curves around the letters E, Z and U. So, the new logo will be much more linear than the one before, which decreased in thickness as it moved towards the end.

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