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It looks like AMD is killing off Mantle

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Remember when AMD was trying to sell everyone on Mantle, its “revolutionairy” homemade gaming API? Well, that all seems to be over now as the company’s VP of Visual and Perceptua, Raja Koduri, has announced in a blog post that Mantle 1.0 is more or less dead. Koduri encouraged developers who are interested in Mantle 1.0 functionality should focus on working with DirectX 12 or GLnext.

AMD’s Mantle “1.0” is dead. Long live Mantle 1.0. After just a year and a half, AMD appears to be sunsetting its “revolutionary” original Mantle gaming API as we know it, according to a blog post written by Raja Koduri, VP of Visual and Perceptual computing at AMD. “…[I]f you are a developer interested in Mantle “1.0” functionality, we suggest that you focus your attention on DirectX 12 or GLnext,” Korduri writes. Korduri said AMD will no longer release Mantle 1.0 as a public SDK as originally intended, which many will take to mean that that is the end of it as an alternative to DirectX12 and the new OpenGL standards. As a consolation prize, AMD did release a 450-page programming guide the company hopes will stimulate better APIs down the road. The company also said it would continue to support any Mantle partners with its full resources.

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Brian Molidor Brian Molidor is Editor at Social News Watch. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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