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If this is the future of wearable tech, I think I’ll pass

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Eidos Wearable Tech

Eidos Wearable Tech

When it comes to innovations, creativity, and design excellence, it’s hard to compete with the concepts of Eidos Outcomes. However, if this is what it’s going to take to get Superman’s hearing, Wolverine’s sense of smell, and Legolas’ eyesight, you might want to consider sticking with your mortal senses or risk looking like a freak.

“Eidos consists of two pieces of experimental equipment, one for sight and one for hearing. We found that while we experience the world as many overlapping signals, we can use technology to first isolate and then amplify the one we want.”

As you’ll see in the video below, the hearing enhancement technology is amazing and could have some very useful applications including spying on others. The visual concept is less of a vision enhancement tool and more of an LSD-trip visual playground device.

It gets better. Or worse. The further advances in the software include handing a sensor from one of your front teeth. It looked amazingly cool while being something that could have been used to embarrass a celebrity in Punked.

In all fairness, these are the early stage prototypes and the technology itself looks like it will turn out to be absolutely amazing with very practical applications. The decision to demonstrate it at this stage may be a play for funding. Otherwise, it’s not going to get people excited about putting on a mask that looks like something they’d put on Hannibal Lecter to prevent him from eating someone’s liver.

Here’s the video demonstration and some images of the technology being built:


Eidos Mask

Eidos and the Elderly

Eidos Mask in Action

Eidos Drawing Board

Eidos isn't Google Glass

Eidos Tell Me About the Lambs

Eidos Wicker Chair Look

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