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Google’s Lethal Beta Walking Directions

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route4Google’s love of the beta tag for it’s software has been a thorn in some people’s sides, and has caused concern for businesses looking for rock solid, reliable solutions, but has the beta tag gone too far this time?

Google Walking Directions, a beta feature of Google Maps is being blamed for causing a traffic accident after providing questionable directions that prompted the woman to walk down a road without sidewalks.

The Walking Directions site contains a warning that the software is in beta, but since the woman accessed the site using a Blackberry the warning was not visible.

Armed with only a Blackberry and her common sense, Lauren Rosenberg chose to blindly follow the route suggested by Google, a rural four lane highway.

Granted, in a world where coffee cups must legally inform customers that coffee is indeed hot this seems like a Google screw up. What a sad, sad state of affairs.

Hopefully two lessons can be learned from this: Common sense is an attribute that should never, ever be assumed or taken for granted, and Google and other software makers shouldn’t abuse the beta tag!

Source: CNN Fortune Tech

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Toby Leftly Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at Twitter.

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4 Replies to “Google’s Lethal Beta Walking Directions”

  1. Sorry, Toby, but you’re wrong. Google is very strongly labelled with warnings that location instructions are suggestions only and should be verified with an up-to-date map, first.

  2. Anyone know any other routes that are available, so I can make a huge claim as well?
    Only problem is I would have to leave my brain at home…

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