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Google has integrated Twitter into its desktop search results

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Google and Twitter have been growing a lot closer over the past few months, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Yesterday morning, Google announced that it’s integrating Twitter into its desktop search results, which means that you’ll now be able to see a feed of recent tweets from accounts that are relevant to your search results from within the Google Search page itself.

Google and Twitter are getting a little friendlier; you can now view tweet feeds from various accounts and hashtags right from on the desktop. You can search something like “The Next Web Twitter” and Google will pull up a feed of our latest tweets. Alternatively, type in a hashtag and you’ll access a list of trending tweets. The new Twitter cards aren’t terribly prominent against the rest of search results, not does it do more than provide a chronological list of posts, but we imagine it will come in handy when you simply want to look for a recent tweet without having to search through Twitter itself. In February, Twitter ex-CEO Dick Costolo mentioned that Twitter would be partnering with Google on future integrations, so the update isn’t surprising. The ability isn’t completely new, however; Twitter integration has been available on Google’s mobile website and apps since May, but this is the first time the rich Twitter cards have arrived on the desktop. The feature is globally available in English now.

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Alfie Joshua Alfie Joshua is the editor at Auto in the News. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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