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Google gives you front row seats to marriage proposals with Google Glass

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First, there’s “Marry Me,” the latest in the company’s Google Glass Explorer Story YouTube series, a short user-generated film shot through the eyes of women and men wearing the hands-free tech device in the midst of a marriage proposal. The videos give the traditional down-on-one-knee act a charming modern twist — not to mention a fun documented account to share with the grandkids one day. 

The folks at Google Glass put together a Valentine’s Day video showing the Glass-eye view of five couples’ marriage proposals. It’s cute. It’s heartwarming. It’s the worst. I know what you’re thinking. “Oh yawn, another angry anti-romance blog post from some nasty internet misanthrope who’s still stewing over another Valentine’s Day spent watching House of Cards alone.” Shut up. This isn’t about me. Truth be told, I’m a sucker for romantic mushiness. Watching people’s unfiltered reactions to The Big Question is sublimely life-affirming, even when viewed through the hovering not-quite-eye-to-eye of Glass. The mood goes from puzzled to shocked to overwhelmed to relieved to blissful in the time it takes most of us to tie our shoes. There’s an unrehearsed genuineness that you hardly see in any other moment of a person’s life. It reminds grumps like me that there actually is love out there in the world.

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Alfie Joshua Alfie Joshua is the editor at Auto in the News. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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