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Futuristic ‘breaking’ Watercraft Shows How Rich Douches Will Entertain Themselves in the Future

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aguila01While some design companies tackle complex problems of sustainability or efficiency, Aguila Design are taking on something way more important: the future of watersports. Their ‘breaking’ watercraft – yes, that’s the actual name – features a out-there spaceship like design that allows the vehicle to stop easily and turn on a dime, while never rolling or capsizing.

Snark aside, however, there’s actually some pretty cool technology in this thing. The fin at the bottom of the craft creates a ‘hydrodynamic’ effect, which not only means the craft slips through the water with the greatest of ease, but that it also actually lifts out of the water as it picks up speed, reducing drag. Translation? This thing is fast.

What’s more, the boat’s strange fin results in “centrifugal forces having no impact on the craft”, which is essentially like saying you can take a turn and full speed and feel only the slightest pull to one side.

Though this may not be the most altruistic attempt at design, if you are going to drive a noisy watercraft around a harbor for fun, this seems like a pretty awesome way to do it.

[via: designboom]

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Navneet Alang Navneet Alang is a technology-culture writer based in Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @navalang

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