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Fancred has raised $3 million to expand its social network for sports fans

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As a big sports fan, I know fans love their teams with an unbridled passion and they may drive their friends who don’t share their view a little crazy by filling their social feeds with commentary on the latest game. For like-minded fans, this is great fun, but for your other friends, not so much. What if you could engage with just your sports-fan friends in a social network just for you? That’s what Fancred is trying to do -and they got $3M today to continue to build their product.

Founded in August 2012, Fancred calls itself the world’s fastest growing sports social network. While that claim may be a stretch, the fact that Fancred just raised $3 million to go with its existing $1.5 million financing round should go a long way in making the company a worthy destination for sports fans to consume information and interact with others who have like minded interests. The completion of the new $3 million financing round was announced today and led by existing shareholders Atlas Venture and Militello Capital, as well as first time participant Breakaway Innovation Group. Boston-based Fancred developed a mobile application, currently available only for the iPhone, that brands itself as a tool that allows fans to capture their favorite sports moments. It offers a combination of services that larger social media applications provide — checking in at events, uploading photos and sharing articles — however, Fancred is all about sports, nothing else.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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