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Facebook adds more details to game notifications

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Ever since Facebook games took off, Facebook users have been hoarded by notifications from friends and family that invite them to join in on a “conquest” or begs for an in-game coin so that they can have another chance at winning. Although many Facebook users have already memorized the commonly appearing messages, Facebook has now decided to allow game developers to make the notifications more specific according to the game that they are advertising.

The devil’s in the details, or so the saying goes. For those of you who have spent the better part of your past few years getting social on Facebook while indulging in the many games (time sinkholes, I call them) whether you are at the office in front of a desktop computer, or are on the move and playing with a mobile device, I am quite sure that would have come across some notifications in your Facebook account that comprised of your friends sending you a game request, whether it is for more energy bars, in-game currency or other kinds of goodies. Facebook has decided to make things a wee bit more specific, which is something that should have been done right from the very beginning.

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Alfie Joshua Alfie Joshua is the editor at Auto in the News. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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