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Even Bill Gates is worried that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity

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Elon Musk made headlines a few months ago when he expressed his fear that artificial intelligence could represent a massive threat to the human race, an opinion which got a chuckle out of many. Now Bill Gates has come forth to express similar concerns and ask why other people aren’t worried about such a blatant threat as well. 

We’re sure there are many of us out there who can’t wait for a future in which artificial intelligence gets to the point where our robots and computers can interact with us like they do in the movies. One the other hand we’re sure some of you might be worried we would end up with a Terminator-like outcome. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has expressed his concerns and it seems that he’s not alone. Bill Gates recently expressed his own concerns and agreed with Musk. This was revealed during a Reddit AMA that he did earlier today in which Gates stated that he agreed with Musk and was wondering why there wasn’t more concern about such a possibility.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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