How an iOS 8 bug caused Twitter to lose more than 4 million active users

While Twitter’s quarterly earnings were impressive, its user growth was less so. CEO Dick Costolo blamed this on a bug in iOS...
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Twitter reports impressive revenue, less impressive user growth

Twitter investors were presented with an enthusiastic earnings report from CEO Dick Costolo yesterday in which he highlighted how the company managed...
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Dick Costolo promises to purge Twitter of bullies and trolls

Twitter has managed to make a name for itself in a way that no company wants: as a platform for online...
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Twitter has signed a major deal with Google

A recent deal between Google and Twitter has opened the social network’s 140-character posts to a much, much larger audience by including...
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This is how Twitter is making its sign-up process not suck

One of the biggest things holding Twitter back is that its not nearly as click-and-go as other services, you actually have...
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Twitter co-founders support CEO Dick Costolo despite investor criticism

Numerous industry analysts and Twitter investors have been criticizing CEO Dick Costolo in recent months for what they consider to be poor...
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Twitter has acquired its first startup in India

With enough creativity and perseverance, you can make a business off of anything, even missed calls apparently. That’s exactly what an...
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BlackBerry accidentally sent a tweet… from an iPhone

While “Keep up with the conversation on @twitter” may seem like a harmless thing to tweet, the fact that BlackBerry tweeted...
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Twitter is going to start selling advertisements within third-party apps

Twitter apparently has a new advertising strategy that it hopes will help increase its revenue: sell advertisements within third-party apps. The...
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The Twitter Video Player could be a real competitor to YouTube

Twitter announced a couple of months ago that 2015 would see the launch of the microblogging website’s own native video service, one...
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Twitter’s “While you were away” feature begins rolling out for users

Twitter announced back in November that it intends to boost user engagement with a plethora of new features. One of those...
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Sony is looking to sue Twitter and its users for “damaging” tweets

While Sony is still licking its post-hack wounds it’s going on the offensive about its leaked emails. Right now it looks...
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Instagram surpasses Twitter with 300 million users

Instagram is now larger than Twitter. The social media giant announced on Wednesday that it passed the 300 million active user...
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British police are publicly shaming drunk drivers through Twitter

They’re cruising the streets for embarrassing tweets. It’s no secret that every year, the number of people driving under the influence...
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Twitter might be looking to acquire Justin Bieber’s selfie-centric app

With selfies being the rage these days, we can’t say we’re surprised that developers are trying to cash in on the...
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Twitter can be used to track unemployment numbers and patterns

Governments aren’t usually quick to react to changes in demographics. They frequently have to take surveys that are not only slow,...
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IBM has joined forces with Twitter

Computing goliath IBM has signed a deal with Twitter to use tweets to make smarter business decisions. The agreement will let...
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Twitter disappoints investors with recent growth numbers

Twitter said Monday its monthly active user base expanded to 284 million users during the July-to-September quarter, an increase of 13...
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