About 9.3% of Twitter’s content is just spam

Where there’s social media, there’s spam. That’s a simple fact of the Internet. Just as companies turn to websites like Facebook...
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Twitter is putting promoted tweets on you profile

Good news guys, Twitter is adding something new to your profile that will make it much more attractive and appealing: advertisements!...
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Periscope users are strangely obsessed with people’s refrigerators

It’s been a few days since Twitter launched Periscope, a Meerkat-like live streaming app, and one thing has become abundantly and...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
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Which live-streaming app is better, Meerkat or Periscope?

Twitter has been trying to kill Meerkat in the womb due to the fact that it has been working on its...
Avatar of Michio Hasai Michio Hasai
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Meerkat has forced Twitter to release Periscope early

Meerkat is a simple app really, all it does is allow users to live stream from their smartphones and automatically tweets...
Avatar of Carl Durrek Carl Durrek
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Twitter’s new feature automatically removes abuse from your timeline

It’s good to see that CEO Dick Costolo is fulfilling his promise to personally purge Twitter of the bullies and trolls that have...
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Qualcomm and Twitter join in on Cyanogen’s $80 million funding round

Cyanogen made headlines a few weeks back by announcing its intention to wrestle control of Android away from Google, a bold...
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Twitter is the next tech company to get hit with a discrimination lawsuit

It doesn’t look like any tech company is safe from the explosion of gender discrimination lawsuits in Silicon Valley right now,...
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Meerkat’s CEO believes the app will continue to thrive despite Twitter

Meerkat looks to be one of the next big apps and, despite the fact that Twitter seems to want to kill...
Avatar of Lorie Wimble Lorie Wimble
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Twitter wants to change how you talk about shows with TV Timelines

Live television has undergone a rapid change over the past few years thanks to social media. Whereas people once used commercial breaks...
Avatar of Alfie Joshua Alfie Joshua
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Twitter is the latest Internet company to ban revenge porn

The wide-spread crackdown on revenge porn continues with Twitter being the latest Internet company to ban revenge porn and stolen nudes from...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
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Twitter continues its Asian expansion with a new office in Hong Kong

It has been less than a week since Twitter opened an office in Jakarta but the social network is already taking the...
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ISIS has an army of at least 46,000 Twitter users

In today’s world, wars are fought just as much with posts and tweets as they are with bombs and guns, and...
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Have you ever been harassed on Twitter?

We’ve talked about Twitter’s harassment issue many times, and so has the company’s CEO. Dick Costolo has promised to deal with the...
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Why is Twitter tracking people’s phone numbers?

Twitter has become polluted with bullies and trolls, this is something that even CEO Dick Costolo has admitted. Costolo promised that he’s going...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
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Twitter is working on a new analytics feature for individual tweets

Analytics features are nothing more than an interesting way to tell how not popular we are for most of us but for...
Avatar of Carl Durrek Carl Durrek
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Twitter is ready to start turning tweets into gold

With a bunch of executive firings, missed deadlines, and slow user growth it’s safe to say that Twitter didn’t have a...
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Twitter has seen a massive increase in government data requests

The first of Twitter’s biyearly transparency reports has been released and it shows us that the company has seen a massive...
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