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Flippin’ the Bird: Twitter Hits 2 Billion Tweets per Month

On Monday, Techi’s Tim Duffy (actually, Tim, can I call you Tim? I’ve never actually asked) predicted Twitter’s eventual downfall, igniting...
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Bye Bye Birdie: Why Twitter is On the Outs

Like it or not, Twitter has become an unavoidable part of our online lives. Created by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone...
Avatar of Timothy James Duffy Timothy James Duffy
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Your Monday Afternoon Ego Boost

Little is more satisfying to today’s Twitterwhore than the gathering of followers; I know I for one am certainly guilty. Lucky...
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Prevail Whale! Official Twitter Client is #1

Well, that was fast. Only a few days ago did Toby muse at the official Twitter client’s imminent roll out, and...
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Official Twitter Clients Due Soon?

After announcing back in early April that Twitter had purchased Atebits, it appears an official iPhone and iPad client is due...
Avatar of Toby Leftly Toby Leftly
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How’s Your Internet Feeling Today?

The boon of a slow news day (or morning, at the very least) is that it gives an intrepid internetsman like...
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Finally, A Way To Make Even Your Most Mundane Tweets Half-Dignified

Today is historic. Today was never supposed to happen, yet against all odds, it did. Today marks the first time I’ve...
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Bitter Twitter Bugs Celebrities

Twitter says it has now fixed the bug which allowed people to force others to follow them. The loophole, that one...
Avatar of Toby Leftly Toby Leftly
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Twannotations? You Know You Twant Them

The laws of new technology dictate that when one technology trend is successful, it can, nay must spawn a thousand follow...
Avatar of Toby Leftly Toby Leftly
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Google and YouTube join forces to bring you an exclusive Conan O’Brien video

On a break from his current ‘Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour’, Conan O’Brien had some time to visit...
Avatar of Jay Perry Jay Perry
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Times Square gets evacuated and Twitter users tell the story.

Times Square took another hit on Friday with a quick evacuation because of a suspicious package. CNN reports that a cooler...
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New Concept Helps Us Manage Our Sad Internet Addictions in Style

My entire life revolves around the internet. Between writing for Techi, interfacing with design clients, talking to friends, and gaming, there...
Avatar of Ty Dunitz Ty Dunitz
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Some Fascinating Stats About Twitter

I still remember the early days of Twitter. Well, sorta’. I got on in 2007, after the SXSWi hype-storm that year...
Avatar of Navneet Alang Navneet Alang
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Identity: The Twitter Killer We Never Expected

My best friend asked me an unexpected question last week: “What is Twitter? What’s the point?” And I, the genius that...
Avatar of James Mowery James Mowery
3 min read
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Think Before You Tweet: Top 5 Celebrity Twitter Fails Of 2010

As celebs became aware of the great power that the almighty Twitter social networking platform encompasses, they jumped on it like...
Avatar of Timothy James Duffy Timothy James Duffy
2 min read
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Bird Watching: Profiling Fellow Twitterers

If you’re one of the many people who simply don’t get Twitter, this might help: BitRebels provides a rundown on the...
Avatar of Toby Leftly Toby Leftly
38 sec read

Will we see Social Media Rehab centers soon?

Researchers at the University of Maryland asked 200 students to put down their cell phones, iPods, Facebook, Twitter and all other...
Avatar of Jay Perry Jay Perry
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Rules of Engagement: Six Things Not To Do on Twitter

You may have heard the term ‘Facebook is serious business’. Originally meant as a joke, it sure isn’t anymore; social networks...
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