Yo Dawg, We Put A Twitter In Your TV, So You Can Tweet While You Laze

What do you do while watching TV? People watch TV still, right? I guess I mean it in the classic sense....
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Twitter Follow List Attacked by Giant Bird – No Survivors I promise you, this will be both the cleverest, and, simultaneously, the most useless social media experiment you’ll see all...
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The Twitter Followers You Didn’t Even Know You Had

So Twitter’s rolled out a new feature to beef up its SMS functionality. Now, immediately, this sort of begs ‘why’, as...
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Twenty Billion Tweets Can’t Be Wrong

About an hour ago, Twitter just hit the big two-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh. For those of you who would rather not be confused, that’s...
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Free Bird: No One Would Pay for Twitter, Study Shows

A study by the Center for the Digital Future at USC has done us a great service. Polling a selection of...
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Flipboard Explodes to Life, Requires Waiting List

The other day, while digging around for the day’s news, I chose not to cover an iPad app that seemed to...
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Twitter Wants To Beach The Whale Once And For All

Twitter has always had problems keeping its service up. Although twitter only deals with tiny amounts of information, the number of...
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Three Ways The Web Is Changing Our Identities

So often in the contemporary era, we talk about how the web is changing the world around us: of how media...
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5 min read

WordPress Vs. Theme Developer Twit-Fight

WordPress, the indomitable blogging platform has a surprising new enemy – the developer of a theme for WordPress. Matt Mullenweg, the...
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5 Ways Twitter Can Crush The Facebook Empire

Could we witness a retelling of David versus Goliath with an epic battle between the two largest social networking networking competitors?...
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Twitter Drops Names Like Fat Beats, Or Something

Twitter has rolled out a brand new feature that considerably boosts its accessibility and outright explodes its user discovery. Upon searching...
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Canada Woos The US With Tweets Canada is great. The meds are cheap, we’re easy on pot and we love beer. what’s not to like? But...
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Twitter Critters Will Work For Body Massage

If there’s one thing I know you want, it’s a bizarre blobby ghost-thing for your desktop. Have I got a treat...
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Twitter Integration Brings Social Kombat to Japanese Arcades

Even I’ve got to admit that while Twitter is unquestionably the hippest most awesome way for totally rad and attractive people...
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Lists For The Masses By The Masses

Lists are everywhere on the Internet and everyone seems to have an opinion about how the items are ranked therein or...
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Find Out How Insignificant You Are On The Web!

Who doesn’t want to compare their own Internet impact with their friend’s footprint? Your digital footprint will only be like a...
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World Cup Cuts Through Previous Twitter Record

I live in downtown Toronto, which, when last I researched the matter, is statistically the most ethnically diverse city in the...
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Twitter-Powered Marble Coaster Can Make Your Tweets Incrementally Less Inconsequential

Here’s a Twitter oddity I am absolutely not going to do the opposite of talk about. You’ve probably seen something like...
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