Tech startups helping Main Street USA

Startups are a big part of President Obama’s economic plan, with more than $48 billion in tax breaks earmarked for small...
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Buzzwords every entrepreneur should know

Some say the tech industry is entering a golden age where development of new products and services are yielding a rise...
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Note to Startups: If you’re going to steal from others… well, just don’t steal from others

The internet is rife with theft. People take content and concepts from others on a regular basis and pawn it off...
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1 min read

Predators versus prey in the startup ecosystem

The “Startup Sea” is broad and loaded with life. There are those who are considered predators, which means someone has to...
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Why the great tech cash out has begun (and why it needs to end)

Investing in technology is always a gamble. It goes up and down, both in the amount of money invested as well...
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New York

Forget San Fran: New York is turning into a startup mecca

Everyone in the tech industry has heard of Silicon Valley, but how many have heard of Silicon Alley? New York is...
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Techcrunch Disrupt

Is TechCrunch Disrupt a good indicator of future success?

Michael Arrington and Techcrunch have been called many things by many people over the years. They have a tendency to push...
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The anatomy of a newborn tech company

Building a startup represents the 21st century equivalent of the “American Dream.” It’s not a direct comparison, as it has become...
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