Snapchat has surpassed Twitter in monthly usage

Twitter is boring, Snapchat is fun. Twitter is confusing, Snapchat is simple. Twitter is still struggling to attract new users, Snapchat...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
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Snapchat users watch ten billion videos every day

Facebook isn’t the only emerging video-sharing behemoth that YouTube needs to be wary of, according to a report from Bloomberg on...
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1 min read

Snapchat’s messaging features just got a massive overhaul

The thing that’s always separated Snapchat from all the other messaging apps out there is that is lacked pretty much all...
Avatar of Alfie Joshua Alfie Joshua
1 min read

Snapchat is almost as popular of a video platform as Facebook

People have been talking about how Facebook is close to becoming the first serious competitor that YouTube has seen in a decade,...
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1 min read

Snapchat may support audio and video calling in the future

Snapchat may be popular, but the company is struggling to make money through advertisements. It’s been searching for a new source of...
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1 min read

Snapchat might be getting into advertising technology

It looks like Snapchat is in the process of entering the advertising technology market, or at least, that’s what a report...
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Snapchat’s publisher platform is becoming a little too crowded

A little under a year ago, there were less than a dozen publishers using Snapchat, but after seeing how useful the...
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