Bitcoin is now a legal form of payment within the state of California

Bitcoin is now a legal form of payment within the state of California thanks to a new bill signed into law...
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France has passed an “anti-Amazon” bill to protect independent book stores

French lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday with the goal of helping small bookstores. The bill prohibits large online companies —...
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Aereo is “temporarily” shutting down following the Supreme Court ruling

That didn’t take long. Now that the US Supreme Court has ruled that Aereo’s antenna-to-cloud TV service is violating copyright, the...
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HP has reportedly settled its shareholder lawsuits over the Autonomy deal

HP’s legal battle with shareholders stemming from its troubled $11.1 billion acquisition of the British software firm Autonomy is reportedly winding...
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Facebook is trying to recover user data seized by New York law enforcement

Facebook user data in bulk was sought last year by the New York County District Attorney’s office and a court directed...
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The EU will make a decision regarding the Apple-Beats deal by July 30th

Back in May, Apple officially announced that they would be acquiring Beats for a whopping $3 billion. The deal is probably...
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A former tabloid editor in the UK has been found guilty of hacking phones

A former editor of one of the UK’s leading tabloids, who went on to become David Cameron’s chief spokesman, has been...
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Facebook Outrage

The biggest problem with the child porn that hit Facebook is that 16,000 people shared it

Around 5:00 pm on Thursday, reports started flying in about child pornography being circulated on Facebook. This isn’t anything new –...
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Note to Startups: If you’re going to steal from others… well, just don’t steal from others

The internet is rife with theft. People take content and concepts from others on a regular basis and pawn it off...
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Netflix woes continue, this time from angry investors with a class-action suit

The terrible summer and fall that Netflix had in 2011 seemed to have turned as poor decisions were reversed, new deals...
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Monkey see, monkey sue? Or, can a monkey hold a copyright?

Remember the amazing self-portrait of the monkey that was making the rounds the other week? The Cliff’s Notes background: A photographer,...
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Apple tells Lodsys to lay off iOS developers, but its impacts are minimal

Lodsys is a company on a mission. They have been determined to sue iOS developers who are, in their eyes, illegally...
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2 min read

Users furrow their class-action brows at Google over privacy… again

Good luck, guys. Two Michigan residents are filing a class-action suit against Google over the sudden location-tracking brouhaha that’s been going...
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Steve Jobs Is Going To Court, For Two Hours

In most cases, you wouldn’t imagine the CEO of a company being summoned to court, unless that CEO has allegedly done...
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Czech Republic.298150945 large

Czech Republic Turns Lights Out on Google Street View

Man, Google just can’t catch a break with Street View. Continuing the trend of countries casting a suspicious eye at the...
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Facebook Lays Claim to ‘Book’ – and They’ll Sue You To Keep It That Way

“We’ve been sitting here scratching our heads for the last couple of days,” says Greg Schrader, managing director of Greg’s...
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pink floyd dark side of the moon cover

Pink Floyd? More Like… Like… Pink… GONE… Whatever.

If you’re looking for iTunes, Amazon, or other digital releases of Pink Floyd’s material this month, you’ll be appalled and dismayed...
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Man Sues Facebook for 84% Ownership, Honestly Believes He Can Win

Hey Zuckerberg, you’d better make way for Paul Ceglia. Who the hell is Paul Ceglia? Why, web designer / wood pellet...
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