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Can propane help solve our battery problems? DARPA thinks so

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In our technology-driven world, battery life is perhaps one of the biggest issues we face, and the military is no exception. With soldiers relying more and more on technology, batteries need to be durable and long lasting in a way that current batteries simple aren’t. The solution? Propane. Yes, you read that right, DARPA is working on a way to make battery issues a thing of the past using propane. 

If you’re a soldier doing reconnaissance in enemy territory, you’ve got a lot of problems. Taking fire, staying invisible, and enduring the elements are obvious. Battery life is a little less so. The idea that propane is a solution to these woes? That sounds crazy. And yet, battery life remains an increasingly cumbersome struggle that the military. As American soldiers become increasingly reliant on technology, they demand more power sources. One dependable option is the standard Ultralife UBI-2590 battery, pictured below. Weighing over three pounds a piece, these brick-sized devices can power anything from a radio to an antenna to a smartphone. But since the batteries have a limited capacity, soldiers need more than just one for a mission. They might need a few dozen. After all, there aren’t many wall outlets for recharging in the mountains of Afghanistan.

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Brian Molidor Brian Molidor is Editor at Social News Watch. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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