Timothy Levin

  Tim Levin is the Social Media Coordinator for Millennium Hyundai. Tim has a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations from SUNY Plattsburgh. He currently resides on Long Island, NY with his love for social media and public relations growing everyday.


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The 2014 Equus: A techi’s dream car

Luxury cars usually have some pretty awesome features. Some of the features may not be totally necessary, but that is the beauty behind a...
1 1 min read

Will cars someday have a social media feature?

Picture this. You are driving your car on the highway, and you decide to tweet about the lack of traffic on your morning commute....
1 1 min read

Hyundai kinda sorta makes a flying car

I just recently blogged about the top car technologies we will most likely see in the future of cars. One of those features was...
0 1 min read

5 features we could see in cars of the future

As you may or may not know, cars these days are getting fancier and fancier with technology by the year. Remember when automatic windows...
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Hyundai mass produces fuel-cell vehicles

Imagine driving a car that requires absolutely no gas at all. You may think, “Well, that is probably something you see on TV, or...
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