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  Rob Sutter is a writer & SEO specialist for fishbat, an online marketing firm located in Bohemia, NY. He graduated from Farmingdale State University with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Professional Communications in addition to minoring in English Literature. Outside of writing, he is an avid gamer and professional wrestling fan.


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It only took one security specialist to take down a huge identity theft ring

Sometimes, huge forces of good or evil can be brought down by a single person. Such is the case with a larger hacking group...
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PlayStation 4: Is 12G Truly Necessary?

Technological advances in gaming show no signs of stopping. With that said, I understand the need for such things as RAM and storage space....
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Video gaming channels: the hits keep coming

Many opinions on this particular matter surfaced but I’d like to say this to start: I always more about playing video games than watching...
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3 reasons why Sony’s SD backup should go worldwide

About a week ago, Sony announced its plans to release a line of SD cards – as well as other pieces of software –...
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Perspiration: could sony Build on it?

Playstation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny sat down with and he talked about a concept that struck my interest. As a gamer, I...
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Can Zynga get a spark through Facebook?

Up until now, Zynga has been a company that I have not paid much mind to. It’s not like it has a small audience,...
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What do bizarre petitions say about gaming socially?

If this is a sign of what gaming is coming to, then I’m very concerned about the next generation of consoles to hit the...
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Unlocking gaming regions through social media

It’s amazing what power in numbers can do, especially when it comes to the gaming world. For those of you who have been keeping...
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Xbox One: Can it truly stake first place?

From a social media marketing standpoint, a multimedia video game platform sounds like a dream. The idea seems novel an appealing: combining the functionalities...
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Is social media responsible for less E3 involvement?

If you’re interested in gaming or anything technology-related, you most likely have your eyes set on E3 this June. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)...
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Facebook Home: Potentially capable, or dead on arrival?

Picture this: you go to a supermarket and you’re strolling down the frozen food section. You stop and take a moment to look at...
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