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  Miles Young is a freelance writer interested in travel, tech and emerging industry trends. You can follow him @MrMilesYoung on twitter.


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5 technologies that casinos use to operate

Casinos have come a long way in terms of tech. Facilities that used to have a retro vibe à la Fear and Loathing in...
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6 tech items that hold their value

The technology world is frustrating. New technology comes out seemingly every month, and when it does older devices drop in price. This is extremely...
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8 geeky shows that captured our hearts

Whether you are an open and proud geek or just getting in touch with your inner nerd, this list of TV shows has something...
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Mobile gaming development trends in 2013

Hardcore gamers might insist that nothing beats the experience of playing on a console or PC, but it seems that mobile gaming is here...
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The 4 biggest tech innovations in cruise travel

We sometimes forget about how technology pervades everything we do. We are much more keen to the differences in technology, say in the last...
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The 10 best finance apps for BlackBerry smartphones

Keeping track of financial changes in the world — heck, just keeping track of your own personal finances — can cause a lot of...
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4 Microsoft innovations that people actually like

You probably don’t love everything that Microsoft has put out. In fact, a lot of people look at Microsoft as a completely out of...
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Where your favorite geeky movies were filmed

Have you ever wondered where your favorite movie was filmed? Many times, we see the beautiful scenery and cool sets, but then don’t give...
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5 apps to help shopaholics watch their spending

Do you love shopping? Do you get a gleam in your eye and exhilaration in your heart when you make a purchase? If you...
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3 of the hottest tech innovations being used for the public sector

The advent of global and communications technologies has been at the forefront of business and consumer industries for years, allowing us to share data,...
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