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  Louie Baur is Editor at Long Beach Louie, a Long Beach Restaurant Review site as well as Skateboard Park. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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Leonard Nimoy sings about Bilbo Baggins. Your argument is invalid.

It may not be the strangest geek find of all time, but it’s up there. Leonard Nimoy who played the ever-logical and always-lovable Spock...
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Businesses should not follow everyone who follows them on Twitter

One of the biggest old-school truths that is obsolete today is the idea that you should follow everyone on Twitter that follows you. It...
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On Twitter, it’s okay for businesses to be irrelevant

There has been a lot of discussion about staying relevant on social media, rightfully so. Too many businesses are trying to “fit in” on...
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Why social signals are only going to get bigger in search rankings

The last time I was involved with search engine optimization, Alta Vista was a player. I was working on my own sites and making...
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Triberr increases exposure with the power of the like-minded

While learning incredible things and meeting equally incredible people at the New Media Expo in Vegas, I ran into Triberr founder Dino Dogan. I...
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