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  Kole McRae is made from the parts of lesser writers. He was built to destroy Ty Dunitz but ended up just writing tech news and eating Ramen noodles all day. He writes for Techi and Geek Juice.


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Is Illegal Filesharing Getting Less Popular?

My girlfriend used to ask me to download music all the time. She’d ask: “Can you get me the new Fall Out Boy album?”...
7 2 min read

Intel to Malware: “You Shall not Pass!”

You may have heard that Intel bought McAfee a few weeks ago. Well that decision had a lot of people scratching their heads. Personally, I thought...
7 58 sec read

Google Lets the Bed Bugs Bite

Your mother used to say it all the time. “Good night honey, don’t let the bed bugs bite!” And yet Google can’t handle that...
4 34 sec read

Tickets to Space now Available for $200,000

I was bored and decided to check out the Virgin Galactic site earlier. I ended up accidentally swallowing an entire ice cube and giving...
3 34 sec read

Google PWNS Bell, Verizon, Skype and Every Telephone Company

The senior editor for Techi just told me they put a bunch of money into Skype. So I want to take this once in...
6 46 sec read

Samsung: Helping Overprotective Parents Become Even more Obsessive

This is how it works. The parent tells the kid “you must be home every day by 9pm.” The kid then says “Yes, mom.”...
5 53 sec read

That $35 Tablet Might Actually be Real

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ok4z9Xpapzc&feature=related A few weeks ago India’s Human Resource Development minister, Mr Kapil Sibal was throwing words around the tubes known as the internet about...
2 35 sec read

Microsoft Tech Advice: Hotmail is broken Sir, what do I do? Tell them to use Google Chrome!

Microsoft just made a dumb move. I decided to recreate how I think the conversation went between the tech guy and his boss. Tech...
10 35 sec read

A Dating Site for Virgins. What’s Next, a Dating Site for Unicorns?

The Internet is a beautiful place. Filled with almost limitless information on any topic imaginable, chances to connect with huge groups of people that...
5 39 sec read

Pack your Bags and Update that Passport, Europe Finally has a Universal Cell Phone Charger

As of next year, almost any cellphone will work with almost any charger. (In Europe)
5 47 sec read