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Synthetic drugs may be a bigger concern than traditional narcotics

The war on drugs has had its share of ups and downs. On one hand, there seems to be a lightening of the regulations...
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The most epic Helm’s Deep LEGO recreation you’ll see in this lifetime

We’ve seen the Minecraft treatment done to Game of Thrones that blew our minds with the digital effort put into it. Now, we get...
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I’ll wait for Google Glass II (if it makes it that far)

The reviews are rolling in. For the most part, they’re not good. Google may have laid a major egg with Google Glass by building...
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Monkeys demand equal pay for their labors

Monkeys seem to have the ability to share the sentiment of the #OccupyWallStreet when it comes to equal pay. Grapes and cucumbers are not...
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A 450-foot tall game of pong played on the Cira Centre Building in Philadelphia

It’s the grandfather of all video games. Pong has been played on many grand stages, but according to Dr. Frank Lee, gaming professor at...
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Google Fiber’s 1Gbps doubled up by Japan’s Nuro 2Gbps service

That didn’t take long. Just as Google announced that Austin would be the second recipient following Kansas City as the having the fastest home...
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Age 3 marked as milestone in media usage

You have a couple of choices here. You can either mark this down as part of the advancement of society, one that heralds a...
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YouTube stars, then and now

YouTube makes stars out of ordinary people. It happens every day. In many cases, it’s not intentional, such as with the case of Antoine...
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Lines at T-Mobile stores show Apple’s clout

The iPhone 5 is six months old. That isn’t stopping happy T-Mobile subscribers from lining up to get it as part of the T-Mobile’s...
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Hyundai lays a mobility egg because walking is overrated

Egg. Evolution. Electricity. Eco-friendliness. Those are the four E’s of Hyundai’s E4U, which they unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show. The most prominent of...
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Drone-killing laser could be the future of missile defense

The US Navy released a video yesterday that demonstrated its new LaWS (Laser Weapon System). With it, they were able to destroy a drone...
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