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  Amanda Rush is a freelance writer, blogger, and content specialist. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Marketing Management. Follow Amanda on Twitter: @msamandarush.


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Mother knows best: how mommy blogs can change the lives of the parentless

What would you say if I told you that the tools you need to accomplish everything you need professionally and practically are at your...
1 1 min read

What Sandy and Charlie taught me about human connection and perspective and how work put those lessons to use

We all have our selfish moments – moments where we focus on the “I” and the “me.” It doesn’t make us horrible human beings....
0 2 min read

Censorship on the internet: be your own watchdog

There’s been a lot of focus, especially in the past year, on internet censorship. From the battle against online piracy to the recent use...
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The Rolling Stones and uView

On August 17, I was skimming my Facebook feed on my lunch break when a post shared by Mick Jagger caught my eye. A...
5 1 min read

Digital hopscotch: how social media revived playing outside

Every now and then, I get tired of hearing the statement “When I was younger, I played in the streets” or “When I was...
0 1 min read

Does Klout really measure clout?

For those of you that don’t know, Klout is a way of measuring digital influence through social networking platforms. I’ll admit that I was...
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A bicycle built for the digital world

E-mails, eBooks. and e-cigarettes. Now e-bikes? According to a recent press release from Audi, the automobile makers will be displaying the prototype for a...
5 1 min read

Facebook co-founder defriends an entire country

Social media enthusiasts have been all a-Twitter about Facebook heading into an IPO that could be valued around $1 billion US dollars. While Facebook...
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Talk nerdy to me: Tech takes a seat at the cool kid table

Not too long ago, the rise of “geek chic” surprised a few and elated many. Now, being called a “geek” can be considered the...
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There’s a light that never goes out, but is it worth it? Yes

With Earth Day having just passed, I’ve been looking for new ways to use sustainable energy and be a better inhabitant of the planet....
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Smartphones and smart ads: Microsoft ups their game

Essentially everyone has a smartphone now. If you don’t, don’t feel badly – my phone is intelligent enough to function but doesn’t have all...
2 1 min read

Smartphones enabling dumbing down

Recently, it feels as though new cell phones can do everything for you. Email, scheduling, GPS capabilities, games, messaging, and calls are but few...
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