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Apple Advocates HTML5 With A Safari-Only Showcase

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html5Apple has decided that actions speak louder than words or Thoughts on Flash, and has published an HTML5 showcase, advocating open web standards as the future of the web. The one touch of irony? The demos are Safari-only.

While it’s clear the reason for this is that HTML5 is still in it’s infancy and support across varying browsers isn’t perfect, this might backfire and end up garnering support for Adobe’s Flash platform.

The demos highlight the advanced features of HTML5, including video, typography, animations, transitions and 3D.

Accessing the site in any browser other than Safari displays an error message, but hopefully as HTML5 becomes more standardized and accepted, the showcase can become more widespread.

Apple and Adobe have been bickering back and forth on this ever since the iPhone was released with no Flash support. At this year’s D8 conference, Jobs maintained that Apple was tired of being trashed in the press.

Your move, Adobe.

Source: Daring Fireball

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Toby Leftly Toby is a Mac nerd, a hardware nerd and a web nerd, rolled into one. You can find him at Twitter.

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5 Replies to “Apple Advocates HTML5 With A Safari-Only Showcase”

  1. I think someone needs “open web standards” explained to them a little more in-depth.

  2. It’s worth noting that while it’s true these demos only work in Safari, that is due to the fact that WebKit is leading the pack when it comes to the implementation of HTML 5 and CSS 3, including hardware acceleration.

    Once the new specifications are closer to being ratified and other user agents catch up, these demos should work in all the future browsers including Internet Explorer 9.

    I just wanted to clarify that so we can squash any misconceptions about the nature of these demos.

  3. What’s crazy to me is that they are using code that works in other webkit browsers like Chrome. But given all the recent Apple vs Google disputes, I am not surprised to see them block it.

    1. Good point, I never even thought about that. I wonder if Chrome supports hardware acceleration for the CSS3 animation though? Because if it doesn’t support it that might explain why they blocked it. Even so, it’s an underhanded move on Apple’s part.

  4. What seems ironic to me is that the “cutting edge” of HTML5 demos contains a lame checkers game and a pretty awful Movie Trailers widget…

    As a Flash developer that also works with standards it’s ridiculous to compare both technologies in terms of performance and capabilities.

    HTML5 is still way behind.

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