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Alien 5 will pretend like Alien 3 and Resurrection never happened

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Alien was one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever released, and certainly the greatest space horror film. The sequel, Aliens, was just as good, perhaps even better if you ask me. After the first two, however, things got a bit sour. While the third film was somewhat decent, the fourth film was abysmal. That’s why the man who directed District 9 and will be directing the fifth Alien movie decided to pretend like the last two films never happened and will be starting Alien 5 right where Aliens left off. 

I think most fans of the Alien franchise will agree that the movies are great right up until the credits roll on Aliens. Alien3 was a mess of a production and an only OK watch, Alien Resurrection was pretty terrible and not something you revisit often. So when news that District 9 director Neill Blomkamp was going to write and direct a new Alien movie broke last week, there was some understandable excitement. Since then, Blomkamp has been doing rounds of interviews for his latest movie release Chappie. And inevitably questions are being asked about his plans for Alien 5. Surprisingly, he’s shared some details and given fans even more hope this could be a return to form for the franchise. Blomkamp’s aim is to give the character Ripley “a proper finish” in Alien 5. That means Sigourney Weaver will be making a return to the role. However, it also means Blomkamp has already decided to treat the movie as if Alien 3 and Resurrection don’t exist. Whatever happened in those movies will have no bearing in Alien 5 as it is a continuation of the Aliens story. With Sigourney being significantly older than when that movie was made, you have to assume it’s set a couple of decades after Aliens.

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