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Adobe Announces April 12 CS5 Announcement

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Picture 6

Picture 6

Offering the promise of a promise, Adobe next month will formally introduce its next-generation of creative software products, Adobe Creative Suite 5.

The routinely expensive software suite will get its first public demo on Monday, April 12, 2010.

What do we know about CS5? Quite a lot, really – Adobe has made a series of sneak peek videos available on the company website, but that is all (beyond recent whispers of an all-new creative application set for debut within the new suite)

Adobe is refusing to divulge any further details of the product until next month’s launch date, with full specs, pricing and features all kept under wraps until the worldwide launch.

Register on Adobe’s website and you’ll get access to a live feed of the announcement, which is set to take place at 11am EDT on that day.

Via: Adobe

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Jon Edwards Jon Edwards enjoys The Mighty Boosh, Can, John Lydon and Roller Derby.

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