Spotify plans to release a dozen original video programs


Spotify was the undisputed king of music-streaming before Apple entered the market, but now that Apple Music is here… Spotify is still undisputed leader. In fact, a Spotify vice president by the name of  Jonathan Forster claims that the launch of Apple Music has caused his company to grow faster than ever. In order to ensure that growth continues, Spotify plans to release a dozen music-themed original video programs that will diversify its offerings.

MTV gave us a blast from the past last month when it streamed nonstop Prince videos as a memorial to the musician’s untimely death. But as it turns out, we will start seeing a lot more music video programming on another platform very soon. Spotify — the music streaming startup with some 75 million users — today announced a line up of 12 new “concepts” — original video programs around the theme of music that it plans to produce and stream starting this summer, featuring performances, pop culture, musical storytelling, animation and videos highlighting music culture. The move comes a year after Spotify announced a move into video to complement its music service. “We are developing original content that is rooted in music, pop culture, and animation that is driven by the passion and sense of humor of our audience,” said Tom Calderone, Global Head of Content Partnerships, Spotify, in a statement. “We are working with artists, producers and partners who understand that the Spotify audience has a strong connection to artists and wants to go deeper into their worlds, see their performances and expressions, and hear their stories.”

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