The former CEO of Google uses an iPhone


You would think that the former CEO of Google and current Executive Chairman of its parent company would be using a Nexus smartphone, or at least some kind of Android device, but as it turns out, Eric Schmidt uses an iPhone. Schmidt was in South Korea this week to watch the historic battle between a Google-made artificial intelligence and the top-ranked Go player in the world, and while he was there, he was spotted using an iPhone to take a picture. Considering how he used to use a BlackBerry while serving as the CEO of Google, this isn’t all that surprising, but it’s still a bit odd.

Current Google chairman (and former CEO) Eric Schmidt was recently in South Korea to witness the historic battle between Google’s most advanced AI system and the world’s top-ranked Go player, a matchup which resulted in a win for Google’s computer. While there, Schmidt was spotted using what appears to be an iPhone 6 or 6s. In the first photo (visible above and provided courtesy of OSEN), we see Schmidt using his iPhone to take a picture. And in the second, we see him in the process of selecting a particular photo to send off to a friend. That Schmidt would be caught using an iPhone in public is certainly amusing, but it is by no means completely out of character. Schmidt, if you recall, did spend a considerable amount of time as an Apple board member and, if you recall, was even spotted using a Blackberry while he was still serving as the CEO of Google. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the chairman of Google using an iPhone. If anything, it’d be a bit bizarre for anyone high up on the Google food chain to not be familiar with the company’s chief mobile competitor. That said, the candid shots of Schmidt using an iPhone are more funny than they are controversial. After all, you might recall that Schmidt had this to say following Apple’s iPhone 6 unveiling: “I’ll tell you what I think. Samsung had these products a year ago.”

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