Sony doesn’t want fear of failure to limit its boldness


Companies like Sony have legions of analysts and designers that try to figure out what it is that consumers want, and then develop a product that fulfills those desires, but it’s not an exact science. That’s one of the reasons why companies tend to be hesitant about being too bold, because experimenting with something that isn’t guaranteed to be at least moderately can end up loosing them a lot of money. However, rather than having to sacrifice boldness for success, or vice versa, Sony wants to have the best of both worlds, and it plans to do that with the new the Future Lab Program.

Sony Corporation today announced the launch of a new research and development initiative called the “Future Lab Program.” The Future Lab Program embraces an approach to technological research and development that emphasizes an open creative environment and direct lines of communication with society, through which it aims to co-create new lifestyles and user value in the future. As part of this approach, the program will share concept prototypes with users while still at the development stage, and look to them for inspiration, leveraging their feedback to refine and evolve its projects. The design for the Future Lab Program concept logo is based on an “F” and “L” motif that resembles a frame honing in on a target. This reflects the mindset behind the Future Lab Program of setting challenging goals that Sony will strive to achieve through technological innovation, together with input from the user community. Sony will be sharing each of these specific goals through a variety of concept prototypes developed by the Future Lab Program. Going forward, additional letters will be added inside the logo frame to coincide with the launch of each new prototype, each of which will symbolize the concept behind these initiatives.

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