Meta is teasing its next-generation augmented reality headset


With big names like Google and Microsoft currently leading the charge in augmented reality development, it’s easy to forget about a small company like Meta. Based in California, the company has been in the augmented reality market for about as long as Google, and though we know next to nothing in the way of details, it’s apparently going to reveal the next version of its augmented reality headset in a few weeks. This is according to an overly dramatic teaser video posted to its official website on Wednesday, which feature Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian talking about how awesome his experience with the new headset was.

Meta, an augmented reality glasses company born around the same time as Google Glass, is getting ready to show off the next-gen version of their AR headset. The company published a video to YouTube on Wednesday which features a handful of tech influencers lauding their “futuristic” experiences with demos of the yet-to-be-publicly-revealed device. The video undoubtedly seeks to build on the excitement that AR-buffs got last week in hearing future tech soothsayer Robert Scoble passionately explain his experience with Meta’s latest demo, which offered him what he said was, “…the most interesting product demo that I’ve ever had in my life.” All of this comes as Meta hints at upcoming product news by way of a countdown timer on the company’s site, boasting that “the revolution” will begin in just over 20 days (though a post on Scoble’s Facebook page suggests the device will be revealed when Meta’s CEO speaks at TED2016 next week). Details are scant, but a recent piece from GigaOm suggests that Meta’s new release will be a developer kit, not a consumer version. As the overtly dramatic background track on this teaser plays, you get to hear folks like Reddit founder (and extremely notably, a Meta investor) Alexis Ohanian talk about his experience with the Meta AR glasses demo.

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