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Why are you still using that dinosaur phone system?


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If you are in the business world, chances are you’re looking to grow your business in some capacity.  You would probably never say that where you see your company in 5 years is lying stagnant in exactly the same place you’re in now.  Especially in today’s fast paced world, it is almost unheard of for a business not to be embracing new technology and looking to keep up with their competitors.  

Just think of all the new technology that has replaced their long standing predecessors in just the past couple of decades.  Standard business tools that were previously in use for so long it seemed they’d never age have now become archaic and nearly obsolete.   Can you imagine operating a company that still runs on typewriters and hand held calculators?

In all their updating and rushing to the top, one thing that many businesses overlook is updating their phone system.  Many are still working from that old, expensive, inefficient system from the 80s and ignoring the much better option of a VoIP service.

A VoIP service is a must today for a fast paced office.  It offers security, flexibility and mobility at a huge discount compared to older phone systems.

Read the infographic below to see how switching to a VoIP service could improve your business.


Infographic courtesy of Edgewater Networks

Featured image courtesy of Free Stock Photos


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