Twitch tried to install Arch Linux, but accidentally installed Gentoo


Don’t you just hate it when you’re trying to install Arch Linux, but then you accidentally end up installing Gentoo? Yeah, I don’t think anyone has ever had that problem until Sunday, when Twitch’s ludicrous attempt to collaboratively install Arch Linux by using crowd-sourced commands was hijacked by a botnet, which proceeded to derail everything and tried to install Gentoo instead. The botnet was eventually defeated, and Twitch has returned to installing Arch Linux.

A group which calls itself Twitch in the Shell embarked on a mission to crowdsource the installation of Arch Linux on a virtual machine. The installation would be live streamed and viewers would be able to vote on which character to type in a terminal window. Every ten seconds, the character with the highest votes would get typed. Much trolling was predicted for this experiment, with naysayers predicting geek comedians would organise a way to type “rm -rf /“, wiping the machine’s drive. What ended up happening was that an enterprising hacker recruited a botnet to hijack the Twitch in the Shell chat, and managed to partially install Gentoo. Arch Linux and Gentoo are both distributions of the GNU/Linux operating system, with Gentoo considered a rival of Arch Linux. According to a report on Slashdot, the Twitch in the Shell community thwarted the botnet and was in the process of reinstalling Arch Linux.

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