Opera’s data-saving app now works with music streaming services


For those of us with limited data or slow internet speeds, Opera Max is one of the most-useful apps out there. Basically, the app uses compression to save you massive amounts of data when you use your smartphone, especially when using video streaming services like Netflix, and as of now, the app supports music streaming services as well. It works on both cellular networks and Wi-Fi, so you’re able to save data no matter how you’re connected to the Internet, and it even gives you a plethora of data management tools to customize how your smartphone consumes data.

T-Mobile may be offering its subscribers music freedom to save on data while streaming tunes from services like Pandora, Play Music Unlimited and more, but for anyone else there are still other ways to save on streaming music so you aren’t eating up as much data as you would normally. Opera, the company behind the popular browser for Android devices as well as desktop, has announced a new feature for their Opera Max app that allows users to save on data consumption for music streaming. Opera Max is wholly aimed at helping users cut back data usage by assisting them in managing it. Opera had already added the capabilities to save data while watching streaming video, and with music now being part of the mix users who don’t have an unlimited data package have a way to keep their data use lower than before, as Opera Max uses Rocket Optimizer to help power their streaming audio optimization technology. Opera Max’ data savings works for multiple services too, so whether you stream your music using services such as YouTube Music, Pandora, Saavn, Slacker Radio, or Gaana, Opera Max can help in keeping the data use low for these apps.

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