Konami’s profits have increased by 159.9% thanks to mobile gaming


Konami is responsible for published some of the most beloved console games of the past few decades, but in the company recently started to shift its focus away from its traditional market and onto mobile gaming, and fans are furious. While I can definitely understand why fans are so upset, when you consider the fact that Konami’s profits have increased by 159.9% thanks to mobile gaming, it’s hard to blame the company for changing its focus. 

Many gamers are in a sort of mourning for the publisher Konami. After decades of putting out some of our favorite console titles, the company seems to be closing that door following the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. They’ve been ramping up other forms of game development while cancelling any console titles that aren’t nearly done. It’s heartbreaking to see the developer of games like Metal Gear and Silent Hill turning away from fans who have supported them for so long. Here’s the thing about that: it’s working. Konami is showing improved revenue and profit in the game division (as well as the overall company, which has divisions entirely separate from gaming). According to GamaSutra, Konami’s revenues are up by 5 percent, while profits are up a staggering 159.9 percent. Part of this is thanks to their increased efforts in the mobile gaming market with games like Live Powerful Pro Baseball, PES Club Manager, Disney Tsum-Tsum, and Star Wars: Force Collection generating consistent income. The gaming arm alone saw revenue increase by 16 percent.

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