How much of a privacy concern is Windows 10 really?


People are really happy with Windows 10 for the most part, but one area that keeps drawing a lot of concern and criticism is Microsoft’s privacy policy for the operating system. One of the side effects of Windows 10 being so connected is that lots of user information is being monitored and recorded, something that privacy activists are obviously very upset about, but how much of it is actually worthy of concern? Microsoft claims that much of the information is completely anonymous and users can simply disable features that they feel invade their privacy, but can we really believe that?

Microsoft has been defending itself after more accusations of privacy breaches in the new Windows 10 operating system. Several elements of the privacy policy have raised alarm bells, made largely of head-shaped tinfoil, and Microsoft is now reassuring people that everything is OK really. When the Windows Insider programme started last year, we broke the story that the terms and conditions gave provision for a keylogger to be used should Microsoft wish. In fact, Microsoft had no intention of using one, but it was enough to attract the attention of media outlets around the world. This time, the results, originally gathered by Computer World, are a bit more benign. Cortana is the perfect example. If you refuse to divulge information to a personal assistant, it isn’t going to work. It’s that simple. It would be like labelling a stamped addressed envelope ‘Mr P. A. Ranoid, 2, Ha! … no wait, you won’t get me that easily postman.’ Microsoft purrs that you’re completely in control: “Customers can always turn Cortana off, putting the customer in control of Cortana. Information that customers choose to provide Cortana is stored locally on the device and uploaded to Microsoft’s servers.

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