CyanogenMod has more users than BlackBerry and Windows Phone


You know your operating system isn’t very popular when a custom version of Android that was created by a bunch of indie modders has a larger user base than your own operating system. BlackBerry and Microsoft know this all too well, as CyanogenMod now has around 50 million users, which is more than BlackBerry OS and Windows Phone combined. 

There are few more acclaimed modded versions of Android than CyanogenMod. That’s why it’s no surprise that Cyanogen’s operating system is more popular than two of its biggest rivals. Speaking at the Seatte Code Rush today, Cyanogen software engineer Adnan Begovic revealed the spin-off OS was more popular than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry combined. According to a report by AndroidCentral, the actual number of CyanogenMod users stands at around 50 million. We should point out that Begovic’s mention of Windows Mobile has been slightly controversial, because it’s not clear whether he’s referring to Windows Phone or the unreleased Windows 10 Mobile. The latter isn’t due to launch until this autumn, so it’s probably safe to assume he meant the former. Nevertheless, it’s still an impressive feat for a company that’s grown from indie modding roots.

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  1. Check the facts before reporting them. Windows Phone has a user base upwards of 65 million and how can it be smaller than the 50 million strong cynogenmod.

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