Carl Pei confirms OnePlus will release a second smartphone this year


While the tech world has been buzzing about the OnePlus 2, many of us are still wondering whether OnePlus will release a second smartphone this year like rumors suggested. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei revealed in an interview with USA Today that his company is, in fact, releasing a second smartphone before the end of the year, which will be the company’s third smartphone overall, but he didn’t mention any details aside from that. 

Last week, OnePlus officially announced their second smartphone, the OnePlus 2 – a follow up to the 2014 “flagship killer” OnePlus One smartphone. The OnePlus 2 is based around the premise that a flagship device does not need to have a price tag of over $500 and instead are offering customers a high end device with a low price tag. The OnePlus 2 has attracted considerable media attention with over one million customers visiting OnePlus’ website to request an invite to purchase the smartphone in just three days. The device is based around a 5.5-inch, 1080p resolution display, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor with 4 GB of RAM (in the launch version, a lesser variant will be available later in the year with 3 GB of RAM), 64 GB of internal storage (the lesser variant will feature 16 GB) and a raft of detail improvements over the first OnePlus device, the One, including the camera and build quality. The OnePlus 2 also bucks an industry trend by deleting NFC, a feature which OnePlus do not believe has been used so much and will likely not be missed. American newspaper USA Today interviewed OnePlus’ co-founder, Carl Pei, to talk about the business so far.

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