Blizzard makes $20 million a month from Hearthstone


The glory days of Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon may be over, but that doesn’t mean collectible card games have died off. In fact, a recent industry report from SuperData claims that Blizzard is making somewhere around $20 million every month thanks to Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. That’s an impressive number no matter how you look at it and Blizzard’s success with digital card games may inspire more companies to enter the market. 

SuperData has released its latest industry report, and according to the number crunching, Hearthstone brings in around $20 million on a monthly basis. The report delves into the card game genre, and according to the firm, it expects the genre’s revenue as a whole to grow a “modest 5%” by 2018. The firm said with Hearthstone heightening “consumer expectations for digital card games,” publishers now need to account for the fact that Hearthstone considered an entry point into the genre. “Hearthstone proves traditional CCG players want to game on the go, as monthly revenue for Hearthstone jumped 31% when the game became available on smartphones,” stated the report. “Thanks to the rise of large-screen smartphones and “phablets,” more smartphones now have the screen space to comfortably fit the detailed user interfaces of more complex card games.” Activision noted in its Q2 financial report earlier this month Hearthstone, along with Heroes of the Storm and Destiny, brought in over $1.25 billion in estimated revenues, combined.

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