ZTE could give OnePlus a run for its money with the new Axon


ZTE definitely doesn’t have a large presence here in the West, even when compared to other Chinese smartphone makers, but the company has a new flagship device that might change that. Known as the Axon, this high-end device comes with some pretty impressive hardware inside, but it’s the 5.5-inch 1440p display, dual-camera, and price tag of $450 that really make this an appealing smartphone. 

ZTE isn’t always the name you think of when someone mentions “high-end smartphone,” but they’re finally looking to change that. After beating around the bush about their involvement with a certain Axon Phone, they’re finally ready to come clean. The ZTE Axon is now officially out of the bag and it actually boasts some pretty nice hardware. Well, on paper anyway. The ZTE Axon features an interesting all-metal design with cross hatched speaker grills along the front. Only the bottom is an actual loud speaker, so don’t go expecting stereo front facing speakers. That same diamond pattern is carried around to the back where the phone’s dual-camera setup can be found. Similar to the HTC One M8, the Axon uses a lesser camera to help with auto-focusing and there’s even a dedicated camera button to quickly launch it/take photos. As for the rest of the specs, we’ll just go ahead and list the pertinent ones below.

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