Yahoo is bringing back Flickr Pro


Two years after Yahoo decided to discontinue Flick Pro, the photo-sharing service will be reviving the subscription plan with a bunch of new features. An ad-free Flickr experience is probably the most enticing of these features, but the improved analytics and software discounts will surely attract many of Flickr’s more active users, which are probably the only people who’d sign up for Flickr Pro anyway. 

Flickr announced today it’s bringing back its “Pro” subscription plan aimed at power users of Yahoo’s photo-sharing service, which will introduce a variety of new features, including access to improved analytics, software discounts, and more, as well as allow for an ad-free experience. Pro users will also again receive a “Pro” badge highlighted on their account, which will indicate their status. As you may recall, Yahoo made a number of significant changes to its pricing tiers in spring 2013, which saw it introducing new tiers like “ad-free” and “doublr” (double the storage space), while dropping the older version of Flickr Pro. At the time, the company claimed that doing away with Pro wouldn’t make much difference because Pro hadn’t performed very well previously.

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