Xiaomi is shaking up the market with a… water purifier?


As the “Apple of China,” most of the products that Xiaomi releases are the kinds that you’d expect a company like Apple to release, such as smartphone and smartwatches, but the Chinese company’s most recent product is something we’d expect from the likes of General Electric. Known as the Mi Water Purifier, the company has announced a new smart water purifier that will be going on sale later this month.

Xiaomi at its Thursday event also unveiled the Mi Water Purifier, priced at CNY 1299 (roughly Rs. 13,300). The device will go on sale starting July 28 in China. The company revealed that the new Mi Water Purifier uses reverse osmosis (RO) with a TDS value under 100 to purify water. The new Mi Water Purifier uses four filters – PP Cotton filter, activated coconut carbon filter (2x) and an RO membrane. The company claimed that it can churn out 400 gallons in 1 day. It adds the Mi Water Purifier is compact, with a base area smaller than an A4-sized paper. The water purifier measures 205x260x410mm and offers 1 litre per minute water flow. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and can allow users to check the water quality real-time via Android or iOS app. The app can remind users when the filter needs replacement as well as can help buy new filters. The company claims that the process to connect a smartphone to Mi Water Purifier is easy and once connected the phone can search purifier automatically.

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